Wakefield Elementary School Parent-Teacher Organization (WES PTO)

In today's economy and ever changing education based regulatory demands, the role of any Parent Teacher Organization is more critical than ever to the success of the school it represents and the quality of education it supports for the students served.  In  other words - This isn't your mother's PTO!

At Wakefield Elementary School, the PTO has a rich history of supporting and providing many unique learning opportunities, extracurricular activities and resources that may not have been possible without the efforts put forth by parents and community members involved.  In case you are new to Wakefield or to PTO's in general, the objectives of the WES PTO as laid out in our by-laws are:
  1.  To provide a forum for parents and teachers to work cooperatively for the enhancement of the educational experience of Wakefield School Students.
  2. To raise and distribute funds for enrichment programs, speakers, field trips, equipment, family activities and special needs as deemed appropriate by the PTO.
  3. To serve as an advocacy group for Wakefield School and to develop a closer relationship between  home and school.
With this in mind, everyone associated with Wakefield Elementary School, parents, guardians, teachers, staff, is considered part of the our Parent Teacher Organization and is welcome to participate in fulfilling these objectives in any number of the following ways:
  • Attend monthly PTO meetings bringing new insights and ideas
  • Volunteer at PTO sponsored school based or community events
  • Assist with obtaining sponsors, prizes and general donations in support of events
  • Share a skill or special knowledge with students, teachers and families at assemblies or as an after school program
The 2019-2020 Events & Happenings
We are so grateful for all help, input and ideas for these  traditions and other events throughout the school year. If you would like to chair and event or volunteer in anyway, please contact us.

Various Cultural Arts Events
Ice Cream Social
All School Play
Popcorn Fridays
Scholastic Book Fair
Box Tops for Education
T-Shirt Sales


COVID-19 has impacted our whole community. We are grateful for the ongoing support that our families and the South Kingstown community offers in support of our children and their families. Some of our plans and activities have been put on hold until it is safe to collaborate and plan together. For example, with the help of our parents, we have plans to add a community garden to our school for the upcoming school year. If you would like to be part of the planning or volunteer for the creation of this engaging, learning space, please contact our Principal, Coleen Smith. 

Easy Ways you, your family and friends can support our school
Save your Box Tops
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Shop at Stop & Shop for A+ Rewards
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PTO Minutes

PTO Meeting Dates

Unless otherwise noted, all PTO meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of the month at 6:30pm in our library. Beginning in the spring of 2020, PTO meeting were held on Zoom and will continue for the upcoming school year to allow for more parent access. Please join us. We need your time and talents to be a thriving PTO organization.

PTO Board Members
President-Jessica Rose
[email protected]
Vice President-Kasey Abedi 
[email protected]
Secretary-Rebecca Downing  
[email protected]
Treasurer-Erin Huggins
[email protected]

CheddarUp facilitator-
Cate Vanesse